INDOOR OUTDOOR was born out of the idea that life begins anywhere you want it to. Providing curated indoor and outdoor goods for the home and beyond.

Being "Indoor" and "Outdoor" always had its own special meaning to us; an idea which we think has drastically changed (for better or worse) for everyone in the world we live in today because of the pandemic.

We decided to take a good re-look at the way we live, and re-imagine how we can intentionally curate a collection of beautiful home goods from around the world, for anybody to seamlessly include into their lives.

No matter where we are today, the times we spend in a beautiful space is always an opportunity to disconnect from the noise of the world, and reconnect with ourselves.

Our Beliefs

INDOOR OUTDOOR believes online shopping packaging should do as little harm to the environment as possible, where possible.

We will try our best to minimise the amount of waste and unnecessary packaging that we’re bringing into this world. In fact, we endeavour to up-cycle packaging where sensibly possible to reduce our environmental footprint.

We will make every effort to wrap and protect your purchases as well in our own special way before it makes it's way to you. True change is rarely IG pretty, but if it's -1 cost to you, +1 for the planet? We see that as an absolute win.