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Bread Knife BK22

Bread Knife BK22


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The BK22 is developed in partnership with Jesper Gøtz, a Copenhagen based chef and bread maker with a passion for craft in all details of his production. Jesper Gøtz shares the same philosophy as Veark: to create great food with few but quality ingredients and tools. 

The blade is laser cut from high quality stainless steel and sandblasted with our signature, matte finish. It is equipped with 6mm teeth for a smooth cut. The blade is not flat, but has a very subtle curve which makes cutting bread effortless all the way through.

The handle is crafted from natural beech wood. It will patina over time and thereby make the knife uniquely yours.
 In the end of the handle, a plastic rivet, 
in Veark's signature blue, is holding the knife together. 
It is made from the same material as traditional industrial chopping boards.

Great for: your favourite loaves of sourdough, multigrains, rye etc.

Size: 22cm blade
Weighs: 110g
Material: Stainless Steel (X50CRMoV15) / Beech wood
Made in Germany.

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