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Chef's Knife CK20

Chef's Knife CK20


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Drop forged from a single piece of steel by experienced craftsmen in the traditional knife-making town of Solingen, Germany. 

The drop forging process leaves each knife with an individual pattern on the handle. A beautiful detail that makes each knife unique while serving as a reminder of the honest craftsmanship that went into its making. 

A wrench-inspired design that invites you to slide your thumb onto the blade and grab it right at the balancing point. This adds stability and a firm grip for all cooking – every day. 

All of Veark's forged knives are fully symmetrical and 100% suitable for left- and right-handed use 🤝🏽.

The knives are sharpened by hand to just below 30° (both sides combined). For sharpening tools that can be adjusted, set the angle to 28° for the best result (14° per side).

Great for: the do-all knife

Size: 20cm blade, 58 HRC (hardness)
Weighs: 200g
Material: Stainless Steel (X50CRMoV15) 
Made in Germany.
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