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Tarp Bag (S) 16L

Tarp Bag (S) 16L


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Tarpaulin (Tarp) -  a heavy duty waterproof cloth commonly used to protect exposed objects or areas from wind, rain and light. 

Now made into a handy multi-purpose bag that can be used to hold laundry, gardening, tool storage, recycling, store your pool floats, when you go camping or have an outdoor cookout. Easily foldaway when not in use. Comes with two top handles for easy grab-and-go.

Great for: sorting laundry (think colour/ white/ activewear/kids), kids toys, gardening, tool storage, recyclables. 

P/S: You can also use it as an emergency ice-bucket to chill your drinks!!

Size: 28cm (w) x 36cm (h) 
Material: PVC Tarpaulin


Also available in 35L, 70L

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