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Flip It Light

Flip It Light

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Flip It Light with the option of 4 standard timer settings ensure you will not aimlessly lose track of time in the gentlest way possible. Wireless, lightweight, portable with self-timer functions, this night light can be used indoor or outdoor, however you, please.

6 sides, 6 settings

Each side of the lamp indicates a different function: on / 5min / 15min / 30min / 60min / off

Great for: Mood lighting, new parents for night feeds, the elderly, time your bedtime reads, limit aimless social media scrolling before bed.

Comes in 4 colours: Light Grey, Forest, White Marble, Black Marble
2 Light settings: dim, bright
Measures: 8cm x 8cm x 8cm
Chargeable by USB cable


Note: a rattling sound on the inside is part of the design, it is what helps the light identify the timer setting. 

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