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Curated Objects

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Evergreen graphic flowers to brighten up your space with minimal effort. Low maintenance, does not require water, perfect for the multi-hyphenate individual of today. 

Great for: Adding that pop of colour, some fun into your everyday. Also works as a diffuser. Spray your favourite room scent (from a distance of 25cm) onto the flower and use it as a scent carrier to keep your favourite spaces fresh.

Material: 100% cotton paper
Comes in 9 different designs.
Tulip: 37.6cm (h) / Coral Plant: 34.2cm (h) / Banana Leaf: 36.5cm (h) / Ginger Lotus: 28.4cm (h) / Bird of Paradise: 37.7cm (h) / Allium: 37cm (h) / Camellia: 34cm (h) / Bird's Nest Fern: 37.9cm (h) / Calla Lily: 38cm (h)

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