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Tube Wringer Set

Tube Wringer Set

Curated Objects

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We hate to waste. We also hate fussing about with the tube, trying to milk that last drop. So this is it. Self-standing and keeps countertops neat = bonus!

Great for: Toothpaste, moisturizer, skincare, makeup, food tubes, art & craft paints, glue, basically anything in a tube! Works on both plastic (common toothpaste packaging) and aluminium (think Aesop) tubes!

Comes in a set of 2.

(S) Measures: 6.5cm (l) x 3.2cm (b) x 4cm (h)
(L) Measures: 8.5cm (l) x 4.2cm (b) x 4.5cm (h)
Material: Stainless steel
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